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"I attended your Leadership Challenge workshop in February. I wanted to just reach out to you to say THANK YOU! I have been applying some of what I learned in your workshop and from our one-on-one follow-up with my team and my staff and what an impact it has had.  I have truly grown as a supervisor since attending your workshop. My staff have a better version of me and in turn I have better versions of them. Your training helped me to develop a better understand of what supervising really is…Motivating my staff to be efficient, impactful, productive and to be a change for the better in the workplace. So again, THANK YOU."

                                                                                                               Supervising Typist Clerk                                                                                                                        Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Office  

"I truly appreciate the many golden nuggets of wisdom you dropped on us during our leadership seminar."  

                                                                                                E. Taylor

"Thank You for this information.  You have inspired me to “ENCOURAGE” others and I have been doing so with returned encouraged words given back to me. I am endeavoring to enhance self-development in my leadership which has never been a goal in effort.  Thank you for such an awakening!"

​                                                                                          Ofelia H.

"I enjoyed the training very much, your course enabled me to learn things about myself, colleagues and other Divisions.  Thank you for the support and guidance on this challenging journey in my career."

​                                                   S.Corona


Team Highlights

Bridget Y. Horan Consulting, LLC serves as an integral part of the “Business Building" Management team supporting comprehensive dollar - for dollar programming.

Our staff has led and managed $12 million in Capital Improvement Projects concurrently, recovered mis-use of human capital and business operations of over $4 million of revenue loss while supporting Private Institutions, Government, and Investor Owned Utilities. 

Our firm was founded after serving government, utilities,  manufacturing,  retail firms, and Universities. We discovered the single thing each had in common, the customer!

In pursuit of a PhD, our founder discovered through research and analysis how to apply the BEST-in-Class approach to real life situations in the workplace, which leads to optimal results.  We then launched our small woman-owned firm with a staff dedicated to deliver value-added support through collaborative partnerships with our clients. We:

  • Act with a Sense of Urgency
  • Lead with Facts
  • ​Drive towards Outcomes
  • Embrace humor
  • ​Work collaboratively

We focus on business strategy, people management, finance, operations and technology.  We’ve reduced capital budget spending of more than $4 million dollars, improved human capital output by 38%, developed and designed innovative technological solutions using leadership theories and models.